Jinsi ya Sikiliza Yourself: Mind, Mwili, Hisia

Sikiliza Yourself: Mind, Mwili, HisiaTumepewa touchstones mengi ambayo kuashiria ikiwa na wakati sisi ni juu ya kufuatilia katika uhusiano wetu na kazi. Kama sisi kukiri ishara, kulima yao, na makini, wao itabidi kutuongoza unfailingly. Hapa ndio kadhaa muhimu.

Tano Tips kiroho Ili kukusaidia Kuwa Zaidi Connected kwa World Roho

Watu wengi wanapokea Ishara kutoka kwa Roho! Kwa nini Si Wewe?Naamini watu wote kuwa na baadhi ya psychic Intuition - zaidi kuliko wengi kujua wana - kwamba inaweza kutumika kwa kilimo kutosha ili kuwawezesha kupokea na kutambua dalili kutoka roho. hatua ya kwanza katika tapping katika Intuition kwamba ni kuweka nia yako na kimya kuuliza ...

We Are All Shamans on a Fascinating Life Journey

We Are All Shamans on a Fascinating Life JourneyI believe, as Ipupiara (an anthropologist, shaman, and healer) said, “We are all shamans. I am no different from or better than you are. Just because I wear feathers on my head, have long hair and a ponytail, wear a strange poncho and colorful clothing, and speak in a funny accent doesn’t make me a more powerful shaman.”

Is It Selfish To Listen To Your Inner Compass?

Is It Selfish To Listen To Your Inner Compass?You have an amazingly accurate and reliable Inner Compass that is working all the time. An Inner Compass that is constantly giving you guidance and information as to what is best for you and whether or not you are in alignment with who you really are.

Guidance Will Come To You Exactly As You Need It

Guidance Will Come To You Exactly As You Need ItOver the last decade of mystically receiving guidance from God not only through writing but also through nature and meditative prayer sessions, I have learned several key things that may help you facilitate this mystical connection in your own, unique ways. Briefly, I list them here...

Connecting with the Magic of Your Intuition

Connecting with the Magic of Your IntuitionThe purpose of developing awareness of your intuition is that it helps keep you safe in all ways. When you use your intuition correctly, you will be able to read the unsavory energies of morally bankrupt people’s lies and deceptions. Highly successful people from all over the world have shared over and over how they use their intuition or sixth sense to determine the choices they make.

It Pays to Trust Your Inner Knowing

It Pays to Trust Your Inner KnowingYou and I are home to an unexplainable intuitive guidance. The counsel we receive from this wise and loving presence is often protective. Some­times a mysterious awareness arrives to help us avoid doing something we feel is not in our best interest...

Actively Imagining and Creating Your Reality

Are You Actively Imagining and Creating Your Reality?If reality is like a dream, we must act in it without suffering from it, as we do in lucid dreams, knowing that the world is what we think it is. Our thoughts attract their equivalents. The truth is what is useful, not only for us but also for others.

The Voice of Telepathy vs. the Blah, Blah, Blah of the Tormentor

The Voice of Telepathy vs. The Tormentor

"It’s a procedure, a simple procedure which takes time and effort. I’ve been working on this ever since I was very young. I won’t tell you all the formula, but the first step is to turn off your inner dialogue, you know, the little voices in your head.”